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Nse Live Market Commentary provided starting Before the Pre Open Market Opening. Nse Nifty Live Updates Regularly as and when there are twists and turns in Nifty Live Index. Capture all the big moves in Nifty Live Market.

Nifty is all set to open Lower in today’s Pre Open Trades which indicates Contra Trade for the Day will be on the positive side.
or may not see the contra trades too due to huge trend dump on the market

Nifty to may see a huge Negativity Trend move in Nifty Pre Open on 14th April 2018 and in the first half and due to some bottome fishing we may see a reversal in the second half of the session.

The best part about the Pre open Rates is you know what may be the mood of the day in the pre open before the actual trading for the day starts.

Friday DowJones, Nasdaq and S&P showed a Down move on all indices due to a war break possibility of chemical weapons usage by Syria.
On Saturday US and Russia have fired in excess of 100 missiles from its warships.
Tracking that Nifty may open negative in market pre open levels in today’s market pre open session

Nifty pre-open suggests Nifty may inch to 10400-10300 levels in today’s session possibly.

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