Refund Policy

Some people look for refunds! Yes, a Hard Fact! They need to learn everything and then they want their money back.

  • Though I’ve spent about 14 hours to train you on a Live Webinar training You, You Will claim for Money Back.
  • Though you got all the video recordings on the portal and know you can reuse the videos and all the study material, You Will claim for Money Back.

More than a Refund Policy, I have got a ₹1,00,000 Money Making Guarantee.

  1. You get access to join unlimited Live Webinars of every session until you are satisfied with knowledge.
  2. Even after 3 live webinars, you can’t get a hang of the knowledge, I’ll have personal calls to help you with problem areas.
  3. I’ll personally coach you to make money with Nifty Options Intraday Trading at least 3 sessions.

Now you decide if you want to really Make Money or Get a Refund of Your Money.

If You are Hell Bent on Refund, please carry on further. 

We have a refund policy. But not a “No Questions Asked Policy” to be Fair to each Other, as this is not an Under Garment you bought online which didn’t fit you, or the colour didn’t feel appealing, you claim a Refund!
This is an education authentic to Exotic Investment, which You’ve already got access to via video recordings!
No college, though you didn’t like their way of teaching gives you the Refund.
This is an authentic easiest way to make money on a regular basis. For whatever reason, you didn’t like, we’ve to be satisfied with the reason of your dislike, without which we won’t Refund the Course Fees.

The terms to claim for Refund are mentioned below. You’ve to follow each and every step to get your money back.

  1. You’ve to apply all my strategies by creating an emergency fund in options unlimited brokerage or any other account of at least 6K in Nifty Options for a month. 
  2. You’ve to send Contract Notes daily with your trades. 
  3. You’ve to follow the advice, in a reply, post sending contract notes. 
  4. Same mistakes done previously should not be carried over, else the run for refund gets void.
  5. You should continue sending contract notes and your findings in the market for 1 month.
  6. Post 1 month, if you’ve followed all my instructions and still don’t make money, I’ll refund the Full Amount, You’ve paid.


Happy Making Money!