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Nifty gives a movement of about 10 – 30 points on a Dull Day.

Nifty Options gives a movement of 5 – 10 points on EITHER SIDE.

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No Trading Knowledge Required

The Nifty Options Trading Training only requires the Trading Mindset and a low options brokerage trading account with a computer and Charting software.

Use On Any Asset

The Power of Nifty Options Intraday trading techniques can be applicable to any chartable Asset. Unlock your money’s true potential using the Nifty Options Intraday Training with ease.

Training Content Modules

Modules are like building blocks for your Training. Simply learn the 3 simple techniques to just about anything using the versatile content modules to trade on any underlying asset and Make Money!

Stack Your Money

Getting started with the Nifty Options Trading Strategy is extremely easy. When trading on your account, you can pick from some of my awesome pre-made strategies, or even create your own.

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Advanced Strategies

Advanced strategies only a bunch of people know till now and making constant money

Any Asset supported

Our strategies make YOU profit on any asset which is chartable

Full Length Material

Now you can take full advantage of your time from content area.

All Training Recorded

Every webinar will be recorded and accessible online anytime at the ease of it!

Low Cost Trading

With a meager ₹6000 our strategies can be Implemented

Live Trading Session

Everything what’s taught is demo’ed in Live Trading session

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