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“What’s Covered in
Youtube Monetization Mastery?”

1) Setting Up the Channel

2) Uploading Your First Video

3) YouTube SEO

4) What Makes Your Video a Hit

5) Youtube Monetization Requirements

6) Steps to Get More $ from YouTube

7) How to Grab Business from YouTube?

8) YouTube Automation

9) What is the Next Action Plan

“What the F@&# Am I

Going To Do Now?”

These are exactly the words that ran in my Head, Ashok Kumar N Rao’s head as I lay with my left hand broken in August of 2019… trying to breathe through the pain of my shattered left-hand bone.

At the age of 35 with 2 kids, to pay the tuition fees and a newly born in hand, and my uber-supportive wife to take care of, my earnings had come to a standstill.

With my Day Trading, I used to earn a lavish payback but Saved Nothing, due to our lavish travels and outings.

However, little did I know – I was just months away from creating a stable income that eclipsed what I’d made with my lavish Day Trading job.

…more than enough to close “The Gap” and provide financial security, quality of life, and a legacy for my family.

And in the next few paragraphs, you’ll discover exactly how you can do the same.

Ashok-Kumar-N-Rao's-Basics Of Indian Stock Market Book

Dear Youtube Entrepreneur

On a crisp evening in August 2019, I, Ashok, suffered an injury that would change the course of my life.

It happened when I was cleaning the house after my son puked all he had eaten and my wife was so angry that she refused to clean his puke.

So I set course to clean it, but before realizing where to clean it, I fell on my hand, broken at 11 PM that night with my left arm broken and twisted there was nothing I could do.

From the desk of Ashok Kumar N Rao,
Investor, Investment Coach, CEO of

At night 11 PM, since my wife was very angry at me, for scolding my kid for not eating and he puked everything, she refused to open the door. So I had to drive myself to the hospital. With my hands broken and paining to the core, I could not drive.

So I booked an Ola to a nearby nursing home and they confirmed that my hands would need surgery.

I came back home and cried like a baby for more than an hour or so.

NOT because of the pain… But I being a former Dell and an IBMer had experienced what working for myself felt, was Disappointed in myself.

No, my tears came from my feat for the future of my family.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die – Warren Buffett

At the time of my surgery, I had only about ₹1.6 Lakhs and I had no health insurance in my name.

As per the doctor, my surgery was gonna cost me ₹89,000. After all the expenses for the discharge, I had already spent ₹1,10,000. 

With the littlest of savings of ₹50,000 keeping my home lights on and taking care of my wife and 2 kids was a massive challenge without any earnings.

Then with the little earnings I had, I bought myself a Small Camera and a Mike and 4 Mike with a Mixer to record for YouTube Earning.

With very less investment I had to start earning more.

Money is not your Freedom or independence. Money is your slave. Make money work hard for you. Not the other way around. – Ashok Kumar N Rao

Till now I had never thought of starting a blog for profit. But here and there I had seen videos from Andrew Jikh and Ali Abdaal that starting a Youtube channel could be very profitable.

So with the small broken knowledge I had about Video Recording, i.e. YouTube SEO I set off to earn a monthly income.

4 Months: 

The Race Was On…

With 4 Months until my hand would heal after my surgery, I couldn’t even clean my shit.

Yes, in India, we wash our asses with our left hand, which was my fractured hand that underwent surgery.

But with determination from Day 1, after I was discharged, I started 2 YouTube channels and started working on my Algorithmic trading to trade automatically.

Also alongside, I started coding Python to accept the API from Zerodha and trade by itself.

My videos started ranking on Youtube in 3 months on the 1st page and I saw my First Payout, 4 months later I started my Channels with the Least of Knowledge.

I had only heard about Passive Income and never earned it, till I earned it!

December 2019 saw my 1st payout from Google Adsense for an amount of $187.3 after a withholding tax amount.

Was I happy? No, I wasn’t. My income was nowhere near to my expenses.

So by December 2019, I decided, to go all in it as a Business via my YouTube channel and not as an Individual.

I decided on my “Plan B” I’d been thinking of since 2010 and blabbering to my friends and colleagues!

If you do all the work that pays you less. If you get the work done by delegating, you will concentrate on the work that really makes you money.

So in 9 days, I advertised and got my 1st employee to shoot, edit, and upload videos on my Youtube Channel onboard with ₹8,000 as a salary.

Since she came in the midst of the month, I’d to pay her the next to next month.

By then I got another payment from my YouTube Channel and the pay was higher, almost double my 1st month’s pay, as my 2nd channel had joined the bandwagon of earnings.

My 2nd pay was $391.

I now had money to pay my employees and still keep some money to myself to reinvest. I definitely would teach you this too!

But without my day trading income, I was completely head down to make my Youtube Channel work as a FULL-TIME INCOME!

During this period, to keep my bills paid and my kids’ tuition and home expenses, my credit card bills rose.

So I’d to consult to start training on Stock Markets and Futures and Options Trading to keep the lights on. I did it through Quora brand building.

See shortly before my injury, I had started educating about alternative ways to create a second income stream to ease the daily pressure to get it right in trading always!

But never did I know that the second income itself would start to become my “Full Income“… though I hadn’t yet taken action on what I’d learned.

Now though, my family’s future was on the line and I knew it was Do or Die

Over the past decade, I’d invested about ₹20,00,000 into my trading and had earned about ₹38,00,000 change in income.

But there is a saying in Kannada:

Kootu Tinnorige Kudike Honnu Saaladu. Meaning those who eat on the income stored without using it to grow, the income will never be enough.

Now after just 6 months with 2 months of my employee already putting in 40 hours per week, my YouTube Channel income grew by 800% month on month.

This was the Eureka Moment.

I now had enough income from my YouTube Channels to pay off my credit card bills and my monthly expenses paid and an extra 4 months’ worth of my employee’s salary.

I had built a business on the back of just Uploading Videos and Earning income by itself, just with 1 Employee!

Later I happened to start a firm dedicated to managing clients’ wealth with Alternative investments in India. And Should I say “I’ve Nailed it


When At First You

Don’t Succeed…

You see, My YouTube channel had only succeeded because I really incorporated The 4 Pillars of Business (which I’ll explain in depth in just a moment), unknowingly.

Chase the Vision, not the money, the money will end up following you” – Tony Hsieh – Zappos CEO.

My income picked up… the tension eased… the fear retreated…

And I knew he and his family were going to be happy when I found the light at the end of the tunnel.



What I didn’t expect…

…was that my “Plan B” for keeping my family afloat would end up replacing my day trading income – in just 8 months!

Gone were the 12-hour work days…

Gone was the struggle of barely keeping my head above water…

Gone was the lead weight of fear in my gut…

and feeling my financial future was out of my control…

Replaced instead of a “day trading job” that…

  • I was passionate about…
  • provides predictable and ever-growing financial abundance for me and my family.
  • creates new jobs and breathes new life into the economy…
  • also now I have a positive impact on thousands of lives on Quora, YouTube, and lotta other platforms…

…and maybe best of all – that requires me to work a fraction of the hours I used to, WHENEVER and WHEREVER I want.

The Worst thing that could have happened to me is, if I HADN’T broken my left hand bone, and hadn’t started this Trading/Investment as a business.” – Ashok Kumar N Rao

Through hard work, perseverance, and following a proven system, I found a way out of financial desperation…

And yet at the same time, millions of hard-working Indians are watching their expenses rise as they sink deeper and deeper into debt each year…

Many are one “left/right-hand fracture” away from dire financial straits…

and most don’t have a “Plan B” to get them through…


The System is Broken… 
There’s Never a Better Time Than Now
To Be A Trader/Investor

The feeling of helplessness that I experienced after his injury is becoming all too familiar.

Every year for the past 50 years, the cost of Housing, College Tuition, Food Prices, Gas, and all our other expenses have been rising all across the board…

Yet (adjusted to inflation) average wages have been staying more or less the same.

Indians are living hand-to-mouth, spending more than 50% of each paycheck just to keep the lights on, so to speak…

Let alone being able to invest in the future, or being able to provide the life experiences for them and their families that they wish they could.

At a nationwide average of just ₹30,000 in our savings account – getting laid off is a disaster that many people are barely able to survive…

Yet at the same time, each year THOUSANDS of normal people are pulling themselves up by the bootstraps – escaping the desperate plight of the average working Indian…

…and instead, building a life of Financial Freedom for themselves and their families – while doing work that inspires them, and creating more, better-paying jobs for others.

In short, they are no longer content to wait for change… they understand it’s their responsibility to create change.


Business Insider says…

This is the greatest time to be an entrepreneur. But it’s a terrible time to make up excuses and reasons why it’s not worth trying.


…and Entrepreneur agrees…

Less expensive technology and the state of regulation are all fair winds blowing in favor of new small business owners. In short, there’s never been a better time to go out on your own.


…and Inc. probably says it Best…

“The best time in history to manage your money well is right now… What is holding you back?”


The writing is on the wall… are you ready to join the 1000s of Indians who are answering the call?


Can Anyone
Really Do This?

By now, you might be thinking this sounds a little too good to be true. I get it…

But Consider this…

  • Shiver Kumar was a Police Constable in Kashmir with a lot of Internet outages and moved to UP to settle. Here’s where he took one of my workshops and started his own YouTube Channel… and he started earning ~₹23,000 within 6 months consistently.
  • At the age of 32, Yashwant, started his YouTube Channel after attending my seminar, while he still was in his full-time day job. Since he was interested in building homes, he started investing a small amount on the side. After about 3 years, by earnings from his YouTube Channel he had earned ₹18.5Lakhs…. and last time I heard from him, he handed me a check of ₹2,00,000 as Guru Dakshina and pestered me to hold it, no matter how many times I denied.
  • Sisters Harini and Haritha started their YouTube Channel with ₹2000 without any equipment in the Yoga Niche after taking my personal consulting session… and despite the fiercely competitive job, within 4.7 years they have grossed ₹12.8 Lakhs by building a Yoga Niche with 1.3 Lakh Subscribers, they have interest in!

As these examples prove, despite the ever-widening gap, you really can rewrite your future. And fortunately, like these people and others, you can start small.


A big business starts small. – Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Empire.


The real question is how does one go from starting small to making it BIG?

If you start with a ₹ as a goal, it fades after you reach it!

It isn’t native intelligence or talent or dedication… It isn’t that some people want success others don’t…

Quite simply, it comes down to something I discovered the hard way:


The 4 Pillars of Business: Your
“Master Key” To
Entrepreneurial Success

In a minute, you’re going to discover exactly what The 4 Pillars are, and how YOU too can leverage them to create a YouTube channel that allows you to close “The Gap” and secure your family’s financial future for generations to come.

I have personally helped thousands of brand-new YouTubers – people just like you – add thousands of rupees per month (and more) to their income.

I didn’t come from wealth… I’m no entrepreneurial super genius…

I was just lucky enough to discover a few key investment principles that allowed me to escape the “rat race” most Indians stay trapped in all their lives.

By leveraging these principles I was able to put myself through with a “little” YouTube business, I managed to take multiple companies from $0 – 7 Figures or more.

…All because all these businesses were built on The 4 Pillars of Business Success.


So What Are These
4 Pillars Anyway??

By now you are surely wondering just what the heck Are these “4 Pillars of Business Success”?

Well, Here they are:

(Note: These are not listed in any particular order. The ALL must be understood and applied if you want to be successful.)

Pillar #1: Implement Repeatable Standard Operating Procedures. Follow a Proven Content Publishing Plan/Strategy for Your YouTube channel.

Pillar #2: Research What Content Works in Your Niche. Rinse and Repeat

Pillar #3: Create YouTube videos for Trending topics before their shine emerges!

Pillar #4: Network with like-minded people in the industry and dig into their minds.

Now that you are aware of them, you’re sure to start seeing their presence in every successful investment you can think of.

Build your portfolio around those 4 principles and you are on your way to lasting financial success and personal fulfillment.

… And in just a moment I will let you in on how you can get my Futures and Options Course based on the “4 Pillars” of Business Training for FREE…

But first, let’s take a look at…


Stick To Your Guns… Follow The 4 Pillars Protocol…
And You Are Destined For A Lifetime of
Wealth, Freedom, and Fulfillment

Though I can’t give you the 1st 3 pillars for FREE, I’ve made the 4th pillar FREE.

My mentor used to mention, that if you give away something for FREE… it loses its value.

So if you PROMISE to take the 4th Pillar Seriously without letting it lose its value, I’ll give it away for FREE if you Enroll in the Youtube Monetization Mastery at Just ₹499.

…Because anything FREE is as good as SHIT!

…But to add to the value of my Youtube Monetization workshop enrolment, we’ll give you these value add-ons.

  • FREE Study Material and Workshop Recording
  • FREE 100 Days Content Creation Done With You in the Workshop.
  • FREE Zoom Call to talk directly with my team to clear your doubts.
  • FREE Access to message our team to get your YouTube journey worksheet.

Get Your stable, lasting financial security…


Your income is determined by Who You Know. And You can Take this to The Bank” – T.Harv Ecker


Let’s now see…

  • Are You Truly Committed to taking full RESPONSIBILITY for your financial destiny – despite how scary or challenging it might be at first?
  • Are you WILLING to create your YouTube channel Success and Network and follow in the footsteps of other’s success and inculcate it in your investments too?
  • Do you have the COURAGE to take the road less traveled and go ALL IN as a YouTube Contentpreneur – no matter what your friends, family, peers, and co-workers might say about it?

If you answered “NO” to any of the above… that’s perfectly fine.

Your future is yours to decide, and the Entrepreneurs Path isn’t for Everyone, so you might as well close this tab and forget you ever saw this page.


If you answered “YES” to any of the above… then I want you to read the following statement OUT LOUD:

I am fully committed to building a successful YouTube channel as a BRAND and talking and taking control of my financial future, no matter what anyone else says, and no matter what obstacles may stand in my way.

… Say it out loud. Feel it resonate as your TRUTH.

Because if you take me up on the opportunity I am about to present to you – there is no going back.

You see I have created an in-depth plan to NET-WORK to walk you step by step through implementing the 4 Pillars



Exotic Investment Community

The Proven Step-By-Step Networking Process
For Entrepreneurial Success

Look – I would like nothing better than to be able to come to you as a community and work with you to build your YouTube PORTFOLIO to SUCCESS.

But there’s simply no way I could do that for every upcoming Youtuber who wants to learn the 4 Pillars.

So I’ve developed a very specific community training program which will be unveiled once we’ve looked into our community’s strengths and weaknesses.

This community will be a culmination of everything I’ve learned in 15 years and many thousands of ₹ and $s I’ve invested in the YouTube Journey on my own…

I’ve carefully tested and PROVEN the efficacy of the community support when I was working as a trainer for Unisys, so well that I wrote a PROCESS, and know for a FACT that it will work for YOU.

Let’s now see, if you Take Your 1st Step to Network and Increase Your Networth… or shy away by saying, I don’t want to join another networking group!

Well… Out of my experience, my Network is the true contributor to my Net Worth!

This is not another Meet and Greet group arranging meetings for members.

This is a group, where Members of the group must share their Knowledge Monthly: 

  • WISDOM how they overcame hurdles of YouTube Growth.
  • How they dealt with the biggest curbing factor “MONEY” starting their YouTube Journey.
  • What are the future plans for YouTube Business?
  • What steps in their YouTube Journey led to their success?
  • How do they leverage Other People’s Money and other People’s Time to grow or keep their Portfolio afloat?


Let Me Be Crystal Clear…

I’m prepared to GIVE YOU the same knowledge I grew my companies to 7 Figures and beyond.

Yes, you read that correctly.

…But the only question now is: “Are You Ready to Write/Re-write Your Destiny?

…Are you ready to take the step that drives you closer to success?

… If You are Willing to Do Just a Little bit of Work on Your End, then Take the First Step.

Take the 1st Step to Your Financial Success.

If you aren’t ready to Grow Your YouTube Channel, you Don’t have a Business, But You have a costly HABIT Only!

ENROLL in the Youtube Monetization Mastery by paying a One-time FEES and I assure You, that YOU will never be mediocre anymore.


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