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Should I Be Investing In The Stock Market Now For Euphoric Secured Returns?

Not an immediate affair if you think, you’re wrong. The best time to invest in the stock market was yesterday. But, you are not late yet!

If you keep asking should I be investing in the stock market now, you are missing an ultra-fast train to reach your destiny.

I’ve some articles 4 stock investments for a year and best investment to give the best returns.

The first one is direct recommendations for a stock investment and the latter is to invest in a variety of investments.

I’ll showcase some very interesting investments by the best investors in India and their gains. This will leave you dumb-faced and run to catch the train now.

Am a big fan of compounding and like to reinvest all my returns in the market to reach my goals. Though I think day trading is the route for success, I live it to your judgment.

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Because of the huge availability of stocks, the market has a huge potential to deliver great returns. As a result, don’t feel left out. And, if you feel you lost a train for success, the trains are still picking up passengers.

You get no brownie points to guess the success you may achieve with regular investments in the market.

So without further ado, let’s jump in to answer, should I be investing in the stock market now.


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Why Should I Be Investing In The Stock Market Now?

From 100 to a whopping 52,000 in 42 years. Last 10 years, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of Sensex is about 10%.

Over a period of about 42 years, the CAGR is 16%. Meaning, every 4 years 8 months, your money gets doubled.

Now you may see how fast the money can grow compared to the normal fixed deposits just by index investing.

A simple example of Titan stock during 2002 was trading at a price of 10. Now it’s trading at a whopping rate of 1756.

Investment of 10000 in titan during 2002 would be worth more than 17460% higher at Rs.17,46,000.

So now you understand how much better your portfolio of stocks can be over a period of time.


Examples of exemplary returns in the stock market

10,000 invested in Infosys during 1993 would have been valued at 2.97 crores with a CAGR of 39% annually.

10K invested in Wipro during 1980 would have been 452 crores during 2017.

10 thousand invested in titan during 2002 would have been 17.46 Lacs now.

So as of now, you must be convinced that stock market investment over time is uber profitable. Provided you choose the right company to trust your money upon. 


Examples of Failed Stocks in the Market

Kingfisher’s, 10,000 invested in 2006, now would have been 0.

PNB’s 10,000 invested in 2005, would have been 2,000 now.

10,000 invested in Unitech in 2013, would have been 856 now.

So now the enthusiasm died out all of a sudden, is it? I’m not demotivating you in any way. Because of the huge movement of the company books and their EBIDTA returns, company stocks advance. 

Now that we’ve seen enough positive and negative stories in the market, let’s see the right way to invest.


What Should We Be Investing In The Stock Market as of Now?

See there are 2 ways to invest in the stock market.

  1. Technical Analysis
  2. Fundamental Analysis


Wrt. technical analysis, I’ve already written a very articulate definitive article. So I would not go through that again.

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Wrt. fundamental analysis, am not a very good analyst to give you a lot of great gyan on this.

So you may opt to learn either of these and gain a good knowledge of investing. Because am not here to show how to invest, which I’ve already written an article about, am here to motivate you.

When life gives us, jam, learn how to get the bread and apply and make it a sweet experience.

Life gives us enough opportunity to knock on the right doors. Don’t miss out on the chances.


Examples of stocks, I’ve got great returns.

  • VIP, I invested at a level of 66, now is around 434.
  • HDFC Bank invested at 670 levels is currently at 1400.
  • Emami invested at 220, is currently at 528.
  • Cipla invested at 353 is currently at 959.

I’m not here to brag, but when you know what the potential of the stock can be, you need to hold on to it.

Early exits lead to money left on the table.


So what Next?

If you want a high rate of return, crypto investing is the way to go.

If you are looking for investment in stock markets in India, go with the 4 Best Investment Ideas For Small Investors.

That being said, investing is a passive way of making money from the markets. As a result, your gains is slow.

But if you are looking to make good returns on a daily basis, day trading is the way to go.

So one way or another, you gotta make money from the market, starting immediately.

The next action plan is to open a Demat or trading account with one of the top 10 brokers and start trading or investing.

Take the next step now. The best time to invest in the stock market was yesterday. Today, if you waste more time, you’re setting one foot away every minute to reach your retirement corpus.


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Happy Trading and Happy Money Making!

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