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I know when it comes to picking the best share for short term, there is a big question mark.

It’s pretty nonobvious which shares to buy and which stocks may turn into multibagger stocks. You might have experienced that hot picks today will be super rotting picks for tomorrow.
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What Characters Constitute the Best Share For Short Term?

Best Share For Short Term which may be bought for a holding period of 15 days to 1 year should be fast-moving stocks.

For the stability of stocks and long-term stocks India holds, you may look at the large cap stocks.

But for the short term, it’s always good to look for midcap and small-cap stocks with good liquidity.

Also volume of stock transactions when it comes to picking the short-term fast-moving stocks is a must.

Because the volume is what determines if the stock is stagnant or moving!

For Ex.) I picked this stock called Bombay Oxygen 1t 18800 levels on 07/05/2024. It hardly moves and there is no volume at all. It moved down 300 points and then increased by 500 points. My sell order at 19200 is still stagnant whereas the stock is currently at 19184.

So avoid low volume and nonliquid stocks as it will lock your money up and won’t let you exit at the right price.

So to sum it up, about characteristics of picking the best share for the short term:

  1. Good volume in the stock is a must.
  2. Good liquidity in the stock is a must.
  3. Great midcap to small-cap stocks.
  4. The stock should stick to technical analysis.
  5. This stock pick should have fast moving with constant entry and exits in the stock.


Best Share For Short-Term (Updated Regularly and Tracked)

Disclaimer: I’m not a SEBI registered Advisor. I updated all my investment hot picks today here.

You may consider these Free Stock Tips and keep this as a watchlist to make buying decisions with advice from your financial advisor.

These Best Share For Short Term are my picks and are not investment advice.



Best Share For Short Term I’ve invested in:

This list will delete the old stocks which are bought, but why the stock was bought and the levels will be updated below.

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1) Force Motors Bought at 9200 on 08/05/2024 because the stock reached lower channel of positive channel.

Also, Force Motors has registered 15% profits constantly for the last 15 years.

Target: 10000. Stop Loss: 8800

best share for short term


2) Avenue Supermart bought at 4562 because of EMA crossovers and hitting the great support at 32 DAY EMA.

This stock has profit of 15% Yoy for last 15 years and has great liquidity in the stock to exit at will.

Volume on a daily basis is super good. It basically check all the characters of our best share for short term buying.

Target: 4950. Stop Loss: 4380

today's call

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3) KEI Industries bought at 3745 as it hits the great 32-day EMA support and retraces back showing more upside.

This stock checks all the characteristics of short-term stocks to buy we have defined above.

Target: 4100. Stop Loss: 3655.

short term shares to buy today

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Lot More Stocks on Holding. All the best shares for the short term are updated below:

Sl # Stock Name Buy Price Sell Price Stop Loss Reason for Buy Sold At
1 Force Motors 8800 9600 8800 Hit Positive Lower Channel Holding
2 Avenue Supermart 4562 4950 4380 EMA Crossover and Support Squared off at 4888 at ALL time high
3 KEI Industries 3745 4100 3655 32-Day EMA Support Sold at 4100 specified target.
4 Pokarna 447 478 434 Great recovery from Bollinger Lows Sold at 478 at specified target.
5 MRPL 205 248 199 Super Support and recovery seen Stock currently at 217 levels
6 Kalyani Steel 816 950 803 Hit Lower Support with triple bottom Hovering around 840 levels
7 Swastika Investment 756 836 735 Super Support and EMA at same level Down around 730 levels, stop loss hit
8 Indbank Merchant 47.45 53.6 46.9 32 Day EMA + Fib Retracement Support Around 47.3 levels
9 GP Petro 63.45 70 61 Triple Bottom hit and recovery seen Hovering around 64 levels
10 Credit Access Grameen 1446 1520 1410 Broke from Parallel Bearish Channel Stop loss hit
11 CanFin Homes 739 781 727 Superb support at 739 At 754 currently
New Additions
12 Jai Balaji 917 1070 860 Superb cross-over of EMA and Resistance break seen Currently up 8% from reco price at 964
13 Sharda Motors 1475 1565 1425 Rounding Bottom + Support of 61.8 Fib Retracement Currently at 1488

MUST READ: The Basics of Stock Market for Beginners PAPERBACK Book


Do let me know how do you like my hot picks today for best share for the short term in the comments below.

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Happy Trading and Happy Money Making!

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