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9 Key Strategies for Options Trading which helps You Scale to Greater Heights and Understand How To Trade Options.

Namaskar Folks. 

Today, Let’s look at 9 Steps to Create Your Options Trading Strategies proven to make you money.

View the Whole Options Trading For Beginners as a Video on Youtube.

Let’s Start.

Step 1: Way to Create Your Strategy

Browse Youtube Videos For Options Trading Strategies Zero Down 6 Strategies Easy To Understand


Step 2: Monetize Your Trading Account. PS: Don’t Do it More Too.

Keep 60k In Your Trading Account. Don’t Have Any Expectations From It.

Step 3: How To Trade Options

Practice All 6 Strategies In Live Trades Trade With Index Option With Strict Stop Losses For Ease


Step 4: Analyze the Trades

Notice Which Options Trading Strategies Are Making You Profits


Step 5: Jot Down the Progress

Note Those Options Trading Strategies Which Are Easy And Fast To Implement


Step 6: Notice the Best Options Trading Strategies

Zero Down On The 3 Most Easy And Profitable Strategies. Parameters Being: Should Work In Any Market Condition Uptrend, Down Trend, Low Volatility, High Volatility, And Sideways Market

Step 7: Money Utilization for Best Strategy Scaling

Now Use The Left Money To Actually Put These Strategies To Test.


Step 8: Zero Down the Strategies

1.) Is It Showing 60% ++ Accuracy In At least

2.) Market Conditions? 2.) If So They Are Great.


Step 9: Scale and Climb the Ladder or Step Down

1.) If It Gives Confidence You Found The Options Trading Strategy

2.) If Not Go Back To Step 1 That’s All For Now Folks.

I’ll See You In My Next Blog Post/video


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