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Nifty Advances to an ALL-TIME HIGH and gains 625 Points just within 7 Days?

Is this the right and good time to Invest?

1) Nifty Advances to Gain 625 Points analysis for 1st December 2022

Nifty Advances

  1. Bulls are charging the market daily.
  2. Money flow is getting constant.
  3. If such is the case of high movement 18930 levels will be our first target.
  4. The good news is none of the newsworthy negatives are affecting the nifty advance.
  5. The directional movement indicator started to rise again.
  6. Fibonacci retracement is the only way we can gauge the highs because we are literally in a FLY ZONE.


2) SGX Nifty Trend for Today on 1st December 2022:

Today on 1st December 2022 SGX Nifty is showing a 58 Points HIGHER move at around 7:36 AM when I am writing this article.

SGX Nifty Trend on the Live Chart denotes that the Indian Markets will react POSITIVE.

So Indian markets especially Nifty Trend Today would have a POSITIVE start.


3) World Market Analysis for 1st Dec 2022:

S&P 500: 122.49 (+3.1%)
NASDAQ: 526.61 (+4.58%)
Dow Jones: 737.23 (+2.18%)
Nikkei: 302.18 (+1.08%)

US markets were supercharged on Wednesday and today Asian markets are roaring positivity. Shows great signs of positive movement.


4) Nifty Supports and Resistances:

Nifty Supports: 18678, 18602, 18534, 18500, 18432, 18400, 18296,18200

Nifty Resistances: 18855, 18926
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5) Nifty Advance analysis for 1st December 2022 Conclusion

  1. Nifty moved in a parallel line to the trend line once broken below.
  2. Nifty gained a whopping 625 points from the lows of 18133.
  3. Yesterday’s close at 18758 is the highest-ever close.
  4. Nifty has clocked all-time highs for the last 4 consecutive days.
  5. Is this the time to be fearful? Be ready for a sudden decline with a stop loss of 18400 levels.
  6. If 18400 and below is clocked the trend reversal is in full swing.
  7. Asian markets are leading the wolf pack but get a huge push to cheer when US markets gain in excess of 3% on all indices.
  8. The last 4 days have been phenomenal gaining from 18365 to 18818 levels is huge.
  9. Nifty advances to declines were highly competent.
  10. Though reliance was the only leader in yesterday’s session, all others followed the leader by the end of the session.

All in all, today Nifty will see some great positivity backed by Asian markets.

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Considering the trends globally and Technical Analysis Nifty Trend Today will start POSITIVE.

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