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Nifty Opening Analysis for 20th Dec 2022 shows great ups and down possibilities.

Singapore market is neither UP nor Huge down, showing the market has a variable move.


1) Nifty Opening Analysis for 20th Dec 2022

Nifty Opening Analysis

  1. Mark my words in yesterday’s analysis, I’d mentioned market is UP for a DEAD CAT BOUNCE today.
  2. So did the market go up?
  3. The market hit a gas pocket as I mentioned yesterday.
  4. So what happens, market should blast higher!
  5. Though US markets are continuously negating and moving lower, India is leading the pack higher!


2) SGX Nifty Trend for Today on 20th December 2022:

Today on 20th December 2022 SGX Nifty is showing a 39 Points LOWER move at around 7:31 AM when I am writing this article.

SGX Nifty Trend on the Live Chart denotes that the Indian Markets will react NEGATIVE.

So Indian markets especially Nifty Trend Today would have a NEGATIVE start.


3) World Market Analysis for 20th Dec 2022:

S&P 500: 34.7 (-0.9%)
NASDAQ: 159.13 (-1.42%)
Dow Jones: 162.42 (-0.49%)
Nikkei: 86.67 (+0.32%)

Though SGX Nifty is highly negative, Indian markets may lead a positive route.


4) Nifty Supports and Resistances:

Nifty Supports: 18285, 18300, 18167, 18093

Nifty Resistances: 18411, 18428, 18611
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5) Nifty Opening Analysis for 20 Dec 22 Conclusion:

Nifty Opening Analysis

  1. Nifty is super pumped but the 20-day EMA is ready to be Dumped up.
  2. Yesterday’s support was a sweetheart and begged to head high with the dart!
  3. Nifty is right at the resistance, going high requires heavy persistence.
  4. Singapore markets are drained and because of it, Indian markets are strained.
  5. The directional movement is still in a dictatorship government. Not able to turn up its head!

All in all, today Nifty will see some NEGATIVE moves backed by the SGX Nifty market’s DOWN TICK.

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Considering the trends globally and Technical Analysis Nifty Trend Today will start NEGATIVE.

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