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How Much One Can Earn In Day Trading In India?

Well, to answer how much one can earn in day trading in India, you must be looking forward to a big number.

However, greed or unrealistic expectation in the market is totally bad in markets.

I was bitten by the harsh truth day in day out when I didn’t know technical analysis.

Being an options day trader is a lucrative job, provided you make positive returns daily. I use to wait for my settlement contract on the day when I made good returns. And hardly cared when I lost money!

See technical analysis changed the way I look at the market. From Options Gambling to options trading full time is quite a journey!

Disclaimer: Here, I’m not giving big numbers, because, I’m writing my experience here. It’s more of a sob story but real story!!!


When did I start day trading?

I started day trading in 2007, by stock calls by India Infoline trading recommendations.

About 90% of what they give as the recommendation is not tradeable by retail traders!

Unknowingly, I started taking positions using leverage and use to lose big time on brokerage!

My profits on my first day, though I had traded for just 1rs. profits several times in Infy was -₹1538. 

I was shocked at what happened. When I called the broker, I realized day trading means you’ve to atleast make 4.3 point gain in large caps to breakeven on brokerage!

That is a huge gap for breakeven! Then my quest to make a lot of money started by trading ABAN Offshore!


How Much A Day Trader Earns In India after brokerage?

Another sob story began after I started trading ABAN Offshore!

My god, I may make a 2 – 3 point profit, but make a 10 – 15 points loss!

In the heat of the moment, I didn’t even realize I was losing that much.

Within 10 days, my first investment of ₹60,000 was completely erased.

As a result of that, my second investment of 50,000 came in again.

See I’ve stressed my losses so much because you’ve to learn stock markets are not just colorful dreams lead from day 1.

Let me tell you the most disgusting loss I had was with ABAN Offshore.

At that time ABAN Offshore was around ₹1600 and my expectation was to at least make 10 points profit to earn ₹1000.

But losses overseeded the profits so much that my second investment was gone soon as well.

So now my losses superseded ₹1,10,000 within a span of just 1 month 8 days.

ABAN Offshore was freakin unpredictable that 10 points up and 36 points down in same day was common.

I couldn’t quit trading as it had hit my gambling spirits too much!

By that time, my expectation had humbled asking How Much Does A Day Trader Make In India?


What about the Day Trading during the Great Recession?

Well, I remember those days of super losses.

Have my profits been better any time? Never!

See, let me tell you, once a gambling bug bites you, though my losses soared my hand was always itching to trade.


Can I make money with Day Trading?

I’d never dreamt of making a buck from day trading.

Until I got introduced to day traders in the US.


My Nasdaq Traders Friendship Journey:

During the phase of 2009, I got a couple of trading friends.

My friends used to go to NASDAQ for trading.

I used to copy trade as well. Without any hard work, I started making profits daily.

I cannot still believe to this day, that I make money day trading!

Copy-trading means trading what other traders take as a position.

Over a period of 2 years, I learned technical analysis and started trading on my own. My profits started getting consistent.

Consistent money-making means, it again becomes a habit or an addiction.

Day trading again bit my interest and I started day trading in the index during 2010 – 2011.

Profits built day on day without a lot of hard work.

So, I started to invest in learning more about technical analysis. Always, human tendency is to learn what you think you may earn more.

Then, I got a mentor in the name of Dr.Hooda.

He taught me to make my own strategies for day trading. He also got to be my mentor in completing my Ph.D.


Why trade Options in India vs Nifty Futures?

After I created my strategies, I started to backtest for the last 10 years, day in and day out.

After backtesting for about 18 months, I was damn sure, my strategies will work in the Uptrend, Downtrend, and Sideways Markets.

I was happy to pieces and one fine day of March of 2013, I quit my job.

From 2013 March to date, I’ve been a full-time day trader.


My Profits Day Trading at Home?

I started day trading and from the first day, I was profitable. On a daily basis, my profits superseded loss and daily by the EOD, I was profitable.

However, my profits was not enough to save enough for the month, as my salary.

Daily, I could make ₹500 – ₹2000 profits steadily. But my job used to pay me way more salary.

Due to the fact that I couldn’t make as much as my job per annum, I’d to think of increasing profits.

At the time, I was investing ₹30000 every month to earn close to or bit more than ₹30K.

So the next month in options trading, I introduced another ₹30K into trading.

But my profits reduced and some days, I turned into Red on my profits!

Hence, just introducing more money is not enough to earn more in Day Trading!


How to increase the profits day trading options?

Again, I tapped the doors of my mentor Dr.Hooda and learnt few more steps of day trading.

Then I introduced scalping into my trading.

God paved way for the profits in the way of Scalping!

The same month my trades went up by close to 1400% and my profit merely doubled with ₹30K investment.

I tried to increase the amount slowly. However, not sure, if its, slippages, or my mindset, I could not earn more.

So, I took some trading psychology classes on udemy. I was amazed how much positive impact it was on me.

I could double the amount and double my profits after that.

However, to date, I’ve never gone above ₹60K when am trading options strategies.


How Much One Can Earn In Day Trading In India?

In 2017, I trained 3 students internally and asked them to trade with my money.

Day trading for them was a brand new game, as they were just art students out of college!

After I trained them with Nifty Options Trading Course, I had them trade with my money as it would mitigate their risks.

Also to make sure, I’m confident about my strategies work with others.

To my amazement, my students, after a month with an investment of ₹30K could earn ₹1500  on an average daily.

I have so carried away that, after this, I trained about 320 students and they make money day trading full time.

The Nifty Options course to date, produces merit students in every session.


So to answer the real question of how much one can earn in day trading in India, depends on these factors:


Let’s assume certain things and give you real numbers of how much one can earn in day trading in india.


  1. You’ve got an investment of ₹30K. 
  2. Till your trading day, you’ve at least spent about a year practicing technical analysis and strategies.
  3. You’ve got a winning trading mindset.
  4. You trade Nifty Options to day trade.
  5. You have a definitive best options trading strategy.


Now How Much A Day Trader Earns In India with all the assumptions above?

      A) Easily a profit of ₹1500 per day trading day. 


Hope that answers your question, How Much Does A Day Trader Make In India?

Love you to pieces, now that, you’ve read my whole blog post!

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Happy Trading and Happy Money Making!

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