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Which Option Trading Course Is Best is a question that is common for any trader new to options trading in India.

Well, I may choose only my Nifty Options Course, which I offer and mention is the best. However, I’ve looked through your eyes to discover the best.

First of all, Why should you look for which option trading course is best?

Let me tell you that; options trading is the best and the cheapest in the market to make money trading.

Make money trading options is the easiest way to earn a living via the stock market.

As a full time options trader for 8 years now, every day, I learn something new. However, on a daily basis, my P/L per day is always positive, which means profit.

I can never go back to working in my 9 – 6 job anymore, after, I can earn a living with options trading. Because of this my profits soar trading in live market.

I’ve strived hard to get to the point, I’m at this point, however, it means, no pain, no gain.

So now let’s review, different options trading courses to find which option trading course is best?


Steps Before Knowing, Which Option Trading Course Is Best:

  1. You should understand options trading is not gambling, it’s purely based on technical analysis.
  2. Know the options trading basics before learning technical analysis.
  3. Learn about calls and puts in the options trading market.
  4. Then open a trading account with one of the top brokerage firms offering free technical charting software free.
  5. Learn the technical analysis by choosing the best stock charts available for free.
  6. Then foray into learning technical analysis.
  7. Learn the basic strategies for Nifty Trend Calculator and Bank Nifty Strategy.
  8. See if it can make options trading a lucrative job instead of your regular 9 – 5 Job.


Which Option Trading Course Is Best?

Now that we know the basics of options trading and have a trading account let’s jump into learning the technical stuff.


1) Options Trading Basics Course:

This is a course on udemy.com which offers the best online courses.

Options Trading Basics Course from Mr.Hari Swaminathan is for beginners looking for basic strategies to learn options trading.

Mr.Hari Swaminathan is a well-known trader with ample 15+ years of trading experience.

In the course, he covers:

1) Intro to Call and Put Options
2) Time decay, Implied Volatility Greeks
3) Call and Puts Live trades

The course is 11.5 hours long and gives you full lifetime access to the video course.

If you are looking to learn the basics of options and earn money, then enrol in the options trading basics course now.


2) Technical Analysis Course:

The second course I recommend is from Jyoti Bansal. This is a complete technical analysis course with strategies.

The strategies in the course are all not her own but do earn profits for you.

The author Jyoti Bansal has put together a good course which has 13,185 ratings with 4.5 Star ratings.

The course is 7.5 Hours Long course and shows strategies with live trades.

Jyoti Bansal is NCFM certified professional and has clear explanations throughout the course.

In the course , she covers:

  1. Trend Analysis
  2. Indicators
  3. Oscillators
  4. Fibonacci Retracement
  5. Chart Pattern Analysis
  6. Risk Management
  7. Real-Time Examples

So all in all, this is a full-on technical analysis basics course. Enroll Now if you want your technical analysis in the next level.


3) Nifty Options Course

Nifty Options Course is my own Nifty Intraday options trading course.

This course, which is for options trading enthusiasts in India.

In my Nifty Options Intraday Trading Course, I cover a lot of material in 6 Days live sessions.

All the sessions are during the live market trading hours to showcase my strategies work in real market conditions.

I designed the Nifty Options Course for anyone who wants to foray into options trading.

I created this course with 3 students whom I trained and let them trade by their own.

These 3 students, traded for a week. I took an average of all their profits on a daily basis.  To my amazing find, I saw, each make an average of ₹1500 per day.

That’s when I came up with earn ₹1500/day came into the picture.

Now, these 3 students are my full-time traders for my company.

In the course, I teach:

  1. Options Basics
  2. Options Greeks
  3. Candlestick Patterns
  4. Chat Analysis
  5. Chat Patterns
  6. My Technique 1 – Nifty Options Intraday Contra Trading
  7. My Technique 2 – Nifty Options Intraday Scalp Trading
  8. My Technique 3 – Nifty Options Intraday Trend Trading
  9. My Technique 4 – Half Percent Gain Formula
  10. Advanced Stop Loss Methods
  11. Trading Mindset

It’s not mandatory that, you’ve to learn Nifty Options Course however, the person who has a mentor learns fast.

Either you can be the Great Ekalavya, and learn all by Yourself, or Pay Once and Earn for Your Lifetime.

I promise you that, after my nifty options trading training course, you would never have to go for another course.

You’ll learn it all!

What do you get with Nifty Options Course?

1.) Lifetime Access to Personally Contact Me – Priceless
2.) All the Study Material of the Lessons – worth ₹2500
3.) Recordings of the Current Session – worth ₹12500
4.) All the Previous 23+ session Recordings – worth ₹20000
5.) Live Webinar access of Nifty Options Course Thrice– worth ₹45000
6.) All my Live Webinar Sessions access Until You Understand Nifty Options Trading – worth ₹1,00,000
7.) Access to my 4 Premium Strategies making money of at least ₹1500 Daily – worth ₹33000
8.) Brokerage Accounts – Charting Software and Options Unlimited Brokerage Account – FREE – worth ₹2500

Total Value of Nifty Intraday Options Course: ₹185500++

So if you are looking to get an options trading course Nifty Options Course is the Best for You. 

So enroll now in my Nifty Intraday Options Trading Course and Earn ₹1500 / day atleast for Your Lifetime. 


Thanks for reading about which option trading course is best till the end.

I love you all to pieces.

Please comment below in case you’ve any doubts or concerns.

Happy Trading and Happy Money Making!

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